On the retirement of Ana Log

Today is a day that has been lurking for many years. Ana has faithfully served us for nearly 70 years, but after many years of talking about it, and through last minute mind changing, she finally retires today. When you look back at her long career, you have to take a minute and think of all the things she’s seen. A few wars, good times for the country, bad times for the country, major historical events in the world. She has a wealth of history that will soon be just that. From her start when she only had two colors in her wardrobe, to the 50’s when she started to add to it, even though the outfits never quite looked the same each time she wore them, she’s been through a lot.

Now, I would like to introduce you to her successor, this scrappy young lad, Digi Tal. You might recognize her, because she’s been training for this day around here since the late 1990’s. While she might not be as reliable as Ana, she promises to do just as good of a job at serving the public as Ana has. So please, welcome Digi into her new, enhanced role.

So with that, I would like a big round of applause for Ana Log. And if she’ll step forward, I would like to present her with this gold watch for her many years of service.