Voting in the Marq-lection…

Well, voting has begun for MU’s new nickname… I need to get ahold of my mom ’cause I need my “MU Voice” information and all MU stuff is still being sent to my mom’s… I swear I’ve updated my address 800 times on the website. Is there like someone I have to email or something?

Anyway, the choices are (with commentary):

1. Blue and Gold
Marquette’s first nickname, circa 1892 – 1916, was used for our football team. Ever since then, “blue and gold” have remained Marquette’s official school colors, in athletics and throughout the university.

Eh… Boring…. Next!

2. Explorers
Marquette University’s namesake, Father Jacques Marquette, was a Jesuit missionary and explorer. The spirit of exploration, whether through seeking truth and knowledge in our classrooms or seeking athletic achievements in competition, characterizes Marquette University, our students and alumni.

Makes me think more of a crappy Ford truck than athletics… Next!

3. Golden Avalanche
From 1924 – 1937, Marquette’s football team was dubbed the “Golden Avalanche” by the sports media for the sight of the football players in golden helmets charging down the field, creating a “golden avalanche” of force. It is a name that represents a powerful force and overwhelming might.

While this is a catchy name, I unfortunately think that many people will associate Avalanche not with the former football team but with the bar that stood on the corner that is now the entrance to Campus Town “Far East”.

4. Golden Eagles
Since 1994, Marquette University’s athletics nickname has been the “Golden Eagles,” effectively combining the gold of Marquette’s athletics traditions with the bold, swift and forceful nature of Marquette’s athletics teams.

I predict that this will be a runner up in the voting.. Actually, it’s more than likely that this will be one of the 2 that survive into the 2nd round…

5. Golden Knights
Knights are known for bravery, dedication and their noble defense of important causes. Our student-athletes are proud to share those same characteristics, as is our university. Knights are part of the athletics history of the Jesuits in Wisconsin, as Campion Jesuit High School in Prairie du Chien, Wis., used the knights as its nickname for 95 years, until it closed in 1975.

Um… No…

6. Hilltoppers
The name Hilltoppers has been connected to Marquette Athletics since 1917 and was first used because the original Marquette building was erected on top of a hill at 10th and State. The name represents a person who has attained great heights, like the lofty goals set by Marquette’s students and coaches.

I actually like this one… In fact, I’m probably going to vote for this one. Honestly, if we want to go “back in time”, let’s go back before the Warriors!!!

7. Saints
The Marquette community has created a special tie to two saints: St. Ignatius, the founder of the Jesuits, and St. Joan of Arc, the namesake of the chapel on the Marquette campus. Saints are among our most revered figures, admired for their strength and perseverance, two qualities also found in every Marquette player and fan.

Name 1 saint at Marquette! (Especially on the basketball team.. No Andy, you can’t vote for D-Wade) I dare you (and no, the St. Joan of Arc Chappel does NOT count!!!)

8. Spirit
In one word, Spirit captures the character and energy of our student-athletes and coaches, and the enthusiasm that our students, alumni and fans bring to every game. At Marquette, our spirit can refer to a higher power.


9. Voyagers
Voyagers take risks, explore new horizons and push ever-forward into new worlds. Like Marquette’s namesake, our student-athletes push the limits of the possible. As an academic institution, Marquette University encourages that same voyage toward truth and knowledge.

Again, why should we name ourselves after a crappy car?

10. Wolves
The wolf is part of the crest of the family of St. Ignatius Loyola, founder of the Society of Jesus, and is featured on the official seal of Marquette University. It represents strength and fierceness, two characteristics always found at the heart of our teams.

Another interesting one…. Actually could be a contender.. Shit, at least a wolf would be better than the damn golden chicken eagle we have now.

Oh and of course “Warriors” and “Jumpin’ Jesuits” were specifically said to be not allowed as a write-in.. Damn.. I would have voted for “Jumpin’ Jesuits”… Honestly, I don’t like any of them, however, I think I’ll go with Hilltoppers..


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