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Addie Reviews Stuff: Her Story

Full disclosure: I know two of the cast members, and one of the co-writer/producer/creators.

There is only one thing I can say about this show. Oh Emm Gee. Like seriously. It is absolutely amazing.

Ok for those of you who have been living under a rock and who haven’t heard of this show yet… It centers around a trans woman, Violet, and her discovery of herself. Particularly as she is interested in a young reporter Allie. But that is only one part of it. The characters are well developed. They’re flawed. They’re…real.

Jen Richards, Laura Zak, Angelica Ross and the whole cast shine. Plus the DP and director are absolutely phenomenal. (Can you tell a director is writing this?)

Anyway. Stop what you’re doing right now and go watch it.

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Venus de Mars’s New EP

So I’m very much not a a professional music reviewer by any means. But hey I’m going to talk about this record anyway. And of course do it in my now patented word salad way of blogging.

Realistically the only way I can describe the 3 song, acoustic, vinyl album is: fucking amazing. (side note: not ducking amazing like AutoCorrect tried to change it to.) I could further elaborate on that but then I’d be pulling things out of thin air and making it up because I have no musical background to comment on anything else other than if it rocks or not.

Did I mention I’m not a professional reviewer?

Anyway. It’s bloody amazing. Buy it. Support Venus. And rock on.

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True Trans Soul Rebel

Full disclosure: I have never been very good at writing music reviews. In fact, the one time I tried writing one for a website, it got sent back to me by the editor laughing. However, I am good at pretending I know what I’m doing, so here it goes. My thoughts on Against Me!’s new album, “True Trans Soul Rebel.”

So much good music has come out in the last year. 2013 was the year that brought us the awesomeness of Daft Punk’s single “Get Lucky”, Katy Perry’s PRISIM with the AMAZING “Roar”, and of course, Beyonce’s super secret self-titled album that is, in my mind, the best thing that came out of 2013 musically.

2014 has been quiet so far in the “OMG I MUST HAVE” music department. That is…until now. For this week, Against Me!’s “True Trans Soul Rebel” was released. We have had acoustic versions of a few singles since the band released a 2 song EP last summer. To say this is one of the most anticipated releases from the band, though is a great understatement.

The album is a very personal look into transition, and the emotions that come with it. Laura Jane Grace has done a brilliant job putting just the right kid of emotion into the album. I gave the album a listen to today. I’m still trying to process all of the feelings that have come out of it. There were some tracks on the back-half of the album, specifically “Dead Friend” and “Two Coffins”, which definitely got to me. I was a bit teary eyed listening to them. Most of the album speaks too closely to me in some regards.

Overall, I would VERY highly recommend the album. Like. Go buy it now. Or click to listen to it on Spotify.